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Říčky v Orlických horáchŘíčky v Orlických horáchRziczki w Górach Orlickich (Říčky )

Říčky v Orlických horách

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Weather forecast Říčky v O.H. Weather forecast Říčky v O.H.

The extensive village and famous recreational centre of Eagle mountains. It is situated in the valley of streams Říčka and Hluboký potok, under the hills Zakletý and anenský vrch. On the south-eastern slope od hill Zakletý there is the ski-centre with several ski lifts and downhill routes. The place was first mentioned in the year 1654. You can see there many examples of typical timber houses, today mainly recreational objects. The dominant of village is Baroque church of Holy Trinity from years 1790-92, built at the place of former wooden chapel.

Říčky in winter
Centre of village
Mountain Zakletý from Říčky

Sight of Říčky

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